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Terms And Conditions of Online Courses

By booking any type of online language course at NovaMova, you indicate that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, including the cancellation, postponement and refund policy.

  1. Registration and Payment

1.1. In order to participate in your online language program, you must register on the website and fill out an application form no later than 1 week prior to the start of classes. If your registration occurs after said time, School staff will nevertheless consider your application and do everything possible to ensure that lessons are arranged and provided in the best possible fashion, but cannot guarantee that your requests will be fulfilled precisely.

1.2. If the student has studied Russian at an earlier date, he or she should complete the proficiency test.

1.3. Payment for the course must be made no later than the first day of studies; the School reserves the right to postpone lessons until payment is received.

  1. Language Courses

2.1. If a student enrolled in group lessons is the only student present on the day of instruction, the School may substitute 4 group lessons with 2 individual lessons (intensive course); 3 group lessons with a 70 min. individual lesson (standard course); and 2 group lessons with 1 individual lesson (part-time course), at the same group course cost without prior notification of the student. 

2.2. If there are technical difficulties on the Student’s side at lesson time it is not the responsibility of the School or any of our affiliated companies or partners. 

2.3. If technical problems on the School’s side prevent us from providing our regular services, we will arrange for a make-up lesson at the student’s earliest convenience but no refund shall be given. 

2.4. Cancellation policy, course postponement and early termination terms, and complaints policy are the same as stated in NovaMova General terms and conditions (pp. 3-7, 12, at https://novamova.net/terms-and-conditions-novamova)

2.5. Course materials provided by the School are for students’ personal use only and should not be published or distributed in any way.

  1. Technical requirements

3.1. For lessons held in Adobe Connect, the technical requirements are available here. Adobe Connect can be downloaded at the following links: http://www.adobe.com/go/Connectsetup (for Windows); http://www.adobe.com/go/ConnectSetupMac (for Mac).

3.2. For lessons held on Skype, the technical requirements are available here. The application can be downloaded here.

3.3. The Student is responsible for ensuring he/she has a working high-speed internet connection at the time of their lesson.  

3.4. A laptop or PC are highly recommended for online lessons.

3.5. Headphones and a microphone are mandatory. 

  1. Lesson Observation

4.1. In order to control the quality of lessons and provide students and teachers with technical support, School Administration reserves the right to join or record any online lesson. The School guarantees that recordings of lessons are for internal use only and will not be distributed in any way.

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