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Our instructors have from 5 to 25 years of experience and are able to maintain a very high standard of teaching. All of them were educated as teachers of Russian, some as teachers or Russian as a Second Language. They also know a foreign language (English, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, or German).

All our instructors are working or worked in the past at such well-known universities as Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv National Linguistic University, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, National Aviation University, Shevchenko Institute of Literature, and others.

Anna Muratova | Russian and Ukrainian teacher

Richard Giragosian | Armenia

Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 2005

Teaching experience: since 2004

Everyone has their own reasons for learning Russian. One may admire Russian literature or plan to do business in Russia. Someone is curious about life in Russian speaking countries and may come as a tourist. Others may like the sound of the Russian language or just decide to learn a new foreign language. But whatever the reason, it's really good to speak the language of millions of people. Russian is spoken by two hundred million people and is one of the world’s major languages.

Elena Koposova | Russian and Ukrainian teacher

Sergiu Panainte | Romania

Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Teaching experience: since 2006

I absolutely love my job! I get to see the entire learning process, all the way from when students know nothing about the language and cannot speak, to the point when they can communicate freely. This is a real joy to observe. I love creative people who strive to improve themselves. I don’t put up with ignorance or a lack of humor. I believe that a foreign language can be learned at any age, if one has the desire!

Elena Panchenko | Russian teacher

Alexander Iskandaryan | Armenia

Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 1987

Teaching experience: since 1991

I have been teaching Russian as a foreign language for over 20 years in various roles that included the preparatory faculty for foreign students in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, advanced Russian instruction and teacher training and retraining center for foreign citizens. I have published 15 scientific articles and textbooks on methods of teaching foreign languages.

Liliya Tribrat | Russian teacher

Archbishop Evstratiy | Ukraine

Education: Kherson State Pedagogical University

Teaching experience: since 1994

I have 21 years of teaching experience, including experience in teaching students from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. I create plans for students and teachers to work from. I am an optimist with a huge interest in culture. For me the achievement of a positive outcome is an absolute must.

Natalia Bondareva | Russian and Ukrainian teacher

Sergiy Solodky | Ukraine

Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 2002

Teaching experience: since 2003

Learning Russian is a challenge for many foreigners, but our instructors know how to minimize it. I am proud of the excursions we offer our students. It is impossible to not be “wowed” by the fascinating history of my country. Ukraine is a diverse place with rich culture, history and language. These trips benefit students linguistically and help them to find new friends.

Oksana Karakeyan | Russian teacher

Bakar Berekashvili | Georgia

Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 2004

Teaching experience: since 2003

For me it is more a hobby than a job. I like travelling and enjoy learning about new cultures. I have been in their shoes, and that is why I love helping foreigners learn about the culture of Ukraine. I cherish the warm and friendly atmosphere that our school creates and hope to instill a love for the Russian language in my students. Hope to see you in my class!

Svetlana Soboleva | Russian teacher

Sergey Minasyan | Armenia

Education: Moscow State Correspondence Pedagogical Institute, 1992

Teaching experience: since 1994

I am a happy person, because I have a job I love. Working with students from different countries, I discover many new and interesting things myself. I introduce to students the culture of my country and learn a lot about the culture of their countries. Getting to know each other, we become closer to one another and keep in our hearts warm memories about time we spent together.

Tatiana Kravets | Russian and Ukrainian teacher

Leonid Litra | Moldova

Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 1992; National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, 2008

Teaching experience: since 2001

I consider myself very lucky in my life because I love my job. Russian is the language of great literature, and I want more people to be able to read the great works of Russian writers in the original. Learning a language is not a routine, but an entertaining journey. I'm happy to help those who want to learn and to discover.

Lyudmila Zakorchevnaya | Russian teacher

Cornel Ciurea | Moldova

Education: Perm State Pedagogical University, 2010

Teaching experience: since 2009

I was born in the Western Urals in the city of Perm. Now I live and work in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv, which has very friendly atmosphere and very polite and broadminded local people. My classes based on the communicative and linguoculturological teaching methods. I try to understand each student because for me it is very important to find the individual approach to any person.

Elena Krayeva | Russian teacher

Richard Giragosian | Armenia

Education: National Pedagogical Dragomanov University

Teaching experience: since 1992

There's nowhere I'd rather be working than at NovaMova. I like everything - the terrific creative atmosphere, the wonderful people, and the interesting teaching methods that combine original and creative methods with classical teaching techniques. I especially like the club atmosphere that develops and enriches every student.

Nina Nedoboy | Russian teacher

Sergiu Panainte | Romania

Education: National Pedagogical Dragomanov University

Teaching experience: since 1996

I love the friendly atmosphere that develops at NovaMova as teachers and students become united by their common purpose: learning the Russian language. This atmosphere is perfect for working both individually and in groups as well as for developing best personal qualities in students and teachers. Studying Russian isn't scary, but actually quite interesting. Russian is interesting because of its "great and mighty" heritage, because of the wealth of its vocabulary and style of word formation, and because of the all the great classics and the depth of the Russian soul.

Yuriy Sutyagin | Russian teacher

Alexander Iskandaryan | Armenia

Education: Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, 1994

Teaching experience: since 2000

I have been teaching ever since my college days. I never would have thought I would enjoy teaching Russian so much. This language is quite difficult for non-Slavic foreigners, and it's all the more rewarding when they begin to speak it. Moreover, working with NovaMova not only helps you to learn a language, but enriches your life and helps you cultivate your personal potential, too.

Irina Totskaya | Russian teacher

Education: Donetsk National University, 1980

Teaching experience: since 1995

I've been working at NovaMova for a short time (since 2013), and I have felt comfortable since the beginning. I am happy to be a part of NovaMova family. I'm sure, you will enjoy your time with us, if you decide to join our programs. Our friendly atmosphere and helpfulness of everyone will help you to reach your aim and improve your Russian skills, as well as learn more about Russian and Ukrainian culture and life.

Lyubov` Proskurina | Russian teacher

Archbishop Evstratiy | Ukraine

Education: National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, 1995

Teaching experience: since 1997

My work is my passion. I love to help foreigners learn Russian. I worked with the people from 40 countries, and taught political science, conflictology, and air navigation courses. I do my best to make each lesson intensive, but not overpowering. And, above all, I seek to maintain positivity among all.

Svetlana Ivleva | Russian and Ukrainian teacher

Svetlana Ivleva | Ukraine

Education: Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University, 1996

Teaching experience: since 2003

I enjoy working with foreign students a lot! It’s a great pleasure for me to watch them begin to understand and speak Russian, and improve their language skills step by step. Working with them I also improve and develop my teaching skills. And being a part of NovaMova family makes this process even more enjoyable – we have a great team of true professionals.

Larisa Yushina | Russian teacher

Education: Odessa National I.I. Mechnikov University, 1977

Teaching experience: since 1982

In my case it's not me who has chosen my future profession, it's profession that has chosen me. During all my years of work, I never thought to change my job. I enjoy everything: to prepare my lessons, to search and try new study methods and techniques, to communicate with student, to learn about other countries and cultures. While teaching we are studying by ourselves. And I'm happy to work with such a professional, big, and prestigious school as NovaMova.

Svetlana Chiriac | Russian teacher

Svetlana Chiriac | Ukraine

Education: Moldova State University, 1985

Teaching experience: since 1985

I honestly believe that teaching is what I was born to do. I love being my own boss and creating my own space. I enjoy engaging and motivating foreign students to learn Russian language, literature and culture. Teaching is my passion, long-lasting career, and never-ending learning journey. And it's a wonderful experience for me to work with such a professional and creative team like NovaMova. It's exciting to share in the experiences and to inspire each other.

Tatiana Bobkova | Russian and Ukrainian teacher

Tatiana Bobkova | Ukraine

Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 1992

Teaching experience: since 2002

Studying Russian is a challenging process for foreigners. Yet, it is one of the most rewarding ones. Russian is spoken in numerous countries and is understood in even more countries. Being a NovaMova tutor, I aim to give students the essence of knowledge, enriching their comprehension skills and usage of the Russian language in their daily life, in order to really understand the culture.

Tatiana Vitchinova | Russian and Ukrainian teacher

Tatiana Vitchinova | Ukraine

Education: State Institute of Foreign Languages, Gorlovka, 1994

Teaching experience:since 1996

Besides grammar rules, it is important to students learn how to feel the language. It does not matter whether you want to conduct important negotiations, read books or buy coffee. You will succeed only if you know the deep meaning of the words.

Olga Vorobiova | Russian teacher

Olga Vorobiova | Ukraine

Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 2004

Teaching experience:since 2003

It is a great pleasure for me to see how people of different cultures start mastering Russian language. How funny and difficult it seems for them from the very beginning, with all its unpronounceable words and weird grammar, and how more and more confident they get in the learning process. I love explaining to my students small secrets of the language which make everything easy and simple. I love seeing smiles on students' faces when they understand how great they are at speaking Russian.


The entire team at NovaMova stands ready to serve our students however we can. Whether related to learning Russian, finding and choosing accommodations, reserving and purchasing air and rail tickets, travelling from one city to another, enjoying the entertainment venues, or just figuring out how to pass the time, NovaMova is dedicated to making your experience both memorable and rewarding.

Gela Turabelidze | Director & Co-founder

Gela Turabelidze | Director & Co-founder I enjoy business and love teaching others how to succeed in business. In 2001, I partnered with Andrei Kononenko to set up the NovaMova International Language School. This has been a life-changing experience for me. I really enjoy what I do for the simple fact that I get to work with such a diverse group of professionals. I cannot imagine how different my life would be if I didn’t get to run this language school each day and meet so many interesting people from around the world.

Andriy Kononenko | Program manager & Co-founder

Andriy Kononenko | Program manager & Co-founder As a linguistic professional, I pride myself in bringing excellence to the language training industry. As a graduate of Shevchenko University in Kyiv, Ukraine, I am a linguistic specialist in the field of interpreting and translating. I thoroughly enjoy running NovaMova school above all because of the people I get to work with, but additionally helping others to learn to use what began as a foreign language has always been a deep passion of mine.

Oksana Samusenko | Head of Russian Department

Oksana Samusenko | Head of Russian Department The guiding principles of the NovaMova International Language School are to ensure a personalized approach to students, to maximise language immersion, and to vary teaching methods appropriately to guarantee maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We try to make our lessons easy and interesting for everyone. I am interested in Ukrainian and Russian culture and wish to share my knowledge and to open up the Slavonic soul to you.

Yulia Akhmedova | Director of Administration

Yulia Akhmedova | Director of Administration I have been working for the school since 2003. Graduated from the Institute of Oriental languages and Law in 2003 with a degree in Japanese language and Literature. “Do you know a famous Russian saying «Язык до Киева доведет»? Come and we will show you how to use it in your everyday Russian. Kyiv offers you a lot of places to visit, also you can feel friendly atmosphere, meet hospitable people, eat tasty national Ukrainian food. You’ll fall in love with this gorgeous city. Come, try and you’ll come back. I promise.

Iryna Klimova | Program Coordinator

Iryna Klimova | Program Coordinator If someone asks me, whether I like my job or not, I will immediately answer: sure! NovaMova is, first of all, the most friendly and helpful staff in the world and the great variety of different useful and interesting projects for each member. We have one common aim – to organize the process of studying foreign languages in the simplest and interesting way to be clear for everyone.

Lyudmila Shuba | Account Manager

Archbishop Evstratiy | UkraineAt first glance my line of work seems rather dull, but I love it. Numbers have a certain poetry to them. They’re like a puzzle that, when put together, gives you a tidy picture that tells the company’s entire history. Working at NovaMova not only gives me a chance to grow professionally, but also to communicate with people of different professions and from different countries, and to continually learn new things.

Victoria Samusenko | Extracurricular activities coordinator

Victoria Samusenko | UkraineKyiv is an incredible and mysterious city with many open and kind people. And there is no better way to learn a foreign language than exploring the city and talking with the locals. I was raised in Kyiv, so I am happy to be a guide to the world of Ukrainian culture for our students. Here they have a wide variety of linguistic goals, which we strive to help realize. Our school is a magical place - after just one visit you will be drawn to the atmosphere and immersive experience again and again!

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