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NovaMova offers unique programs, unavailable anywhere else, designed for American and European students. Our programs provide innovative instruction, university credit transfer, and extensive support from teachers and staff to make learning with us a truly immersive experience.

We coordinate study abroad programs in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, and Azerbaijan. We offer a variety of study abroad experiences focusing either in language-intensive study or a region’s rich culture, history or politics.

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West Point
The United States Air Force Academy
University of Montana
The University of Texas at Austin
Texas A&M University
Stetson University
Tufts University
The University of Chicago
Fordham University

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This semester course introduces the general theories of conflict and conflict resolution paired with intensive Russian language study. The course focuses on the conflicts in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

We will explore the connection between these conflicts and international terrorism, the future of conflict prevention and preventive diplomacy, and the processes of integration and disintegration in the Post-Soviet Space (PSS). Our approach explores the links between state policies and conflicts, conflict resolution, and conflict prevention.

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