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"My internship with NovaMova developing marketing materials has taught me how difficult but important it is to have clear, concise writing skills in my future professional life. I learnt learned a lot about marketing and about what I’m good at and what I’m bad at!"

NovaMova Internship Programs in Ukraine combine a unique opportunity to both practice your Russian language and to develop professional skills, all while in the target language environment.

We are looking for a native English speaker to intern as a blogger, copywriter, and proofreader at our office in Kyiv.

An internship with us will give you the unique opportunity to practice your Russian and develop professional skills, while being immersed in the target language.


  • Native English speaker;
  • Strong writing skills - you should know how to craft interesting, meaningful, and readable texts;
  • An interest in Russian or Ukrainian language and culture.

The internship combines language study and work experience. Internships are part-time (30 hours weekly). NovaMova will provide each intern with a Group Language course in Russian (20 lessons weekly) to help build language skills, and accommodation with a host family.

The internship runs for 2 - 3 months.

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