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About NovaMova

Our first school in Kyiv was founded in 2001 and has since become one of the top Russian language training programs in the former Soviet Union.

Today we operate 3 Russian language schools in Ukraine (Kyiv and Odessa) and Moldova (Chisinau). In addition to language courses, we offer Study Abroad programs in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Moldova. We successfully and productively cooperate with government agencies and major educational institutions of the US and Europe.

All our programs are customized to suit the needs of our students and usually include a full immersion experience.

We offer individualized programs for all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, our standards are uniformly high. We have taught students of many nationalities, and now our schools are known and respected in many countries. We maintain an extensive library of written, visual, and audio materials, that we continuously update.

NovaMova in Kyiv | Ukraine

NovaMova in Kyiv aims to let you learn Russian in the fastest way possible. We offer high standards of instruction and a great learning environment. There are plenty of interesting sights in Kyiv, and the locals are friendly. In Kyiv, you cannot tell that the country is actually at war, and everyone in the city speaks Russian.

Our Kyiv School has 11 classrooms (for groups and for one-on-one sessions). Each class has an air conditioner, DVD-players, and laptops for the faculty. Wi-Fi is also available.

We have a theatre room with an overhead projector and a great sound system.We also have a study lab. Our conference room sits 20 people and is equipped with a Smart Board, an overhead projector, and the latest in audio technology for hosting presentations.

NovaMova’s Kyiv headquarters are located in the heart of the city, close to the main cultural attractions and offices of most of the major firms present in Ukraine.

NovaMova in Odessa | Ukraine

NovaMova has opened a branch office in Odessa, a city renowned for its relaxed atmosphere; a city where people love life and know how to live it. Odessa Summer Center ideally complements the main NovaMova School in Kyiv.

Odessa is a popular vacation destination, and a fully Russian speaking place, so you can practice your Russian not just with the locals, but also with vacationers from across the former Soviet Union. And, of course, people are more relaxed and more willing to chat with strangers when they are on vacation.

Our Odessa Summer Center is located in the heart of the city, a ten minute walk from the city’s main street.

Instruction in the Summer Center is the same as in Kyiv. All the instructors, materials, curricula, and lesson plans are overseen and approved by the Kyiv-based academic director.

NovaMova in Batumi | Georgia

In the summer of 2014, NovaMova launched programs in Georgia, Moldova, and Armenia. These programs can last from eight to sixteen weeks, depending on the needs of the students.

Our Russian-speaking host families create a Russian immersion experience that is highly conducive to learning the language. It helps that Georgians are very hospitable and warm-hearted. An immersion experience with people who are reserved, taciturn, cold, or uninteresting would not be helpful; our hosts are not like that. Our students have found that constant contact with our wonderful Russian-speaking hosts makes language acquisition quick and painless.

The NovaMova Summer Program in Georgia combines effective learning with an unforgettable vacation that exposes you to Georgia’s wonderful cultural and culinary experiences, majestic mountains, refreshing sea, and warm hospitality.

NovaMova in Chisinau | Moldova

Our Center is located in the center of Chisinau, and there are many interesting things to see and do in the area. So it will be easy for our students to interact and learn in the friendly atmosphere of the capital of Moldova. It has everything you would need in a modern city: shops, restaurants, and museums. Many locals speak Russian and are very friendly.

Our teaching staff has the same high teaching standards as they have in our Kyiv headquarters due to the similar training and methodology.

NovaMova Online

NovaMova also introduces Russian courses online.

Online lessons is a perfect option for those who:

  • Need/want to learn Russian but have no possibility to come to our school due to various reasons (work, finances, personal reasons etc).
  • Is going to come to NovaMova. It’s good to get to know a bit or boost your Russian before coming to us in order to make the most of your experience when you will be here, in a Russian-speaking environment.
  • Was at NovaMova already and would like to continue his/her studies with a favorite teacher.


In 15 years that NovaMova is in existence, we have taught thousands of people. They came from 22 countries and ranged in age from 16 to 80. But they ended up having one thing in common: we made them all speak Russian. Some people are embarrassed to start speaking in a foreign language: join us and we will make you speak without fear!
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