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Georgian Heritage

Georgia is an ancient land which has long always been situated on the far borders of various empires. Through that time, it has managed to simultaneously preserve ancient traditions and its language while incorporating influences from other cultures. This is what makes Georgia, in its food, drink, music, landscape, and language, an impressive and unique country. Above all, it is Georgia’s tradition of hospitality which will ensure that you, as a guest, will never go hungry.

Ukrainian Heritage

Ukraine is a fascinating and huge country which has long been a centre of power in Eastern Europe. Its capital, Kiev, is a beautiful ancient city which today is home to millions of people as well as plenty of museums, old districts, and monastery complexes. Ukraine has a rich and at times turbulent history, having been part of several empires and diverse language, ethnic, and religious groups. A firsthand understanding and experience of Ukraine cannot be underestimated!

Tour dates

June 30 - July 11, 2019


Program in English


by 15 May 2019



Visit UNESCO Heritage Sites

We will take you to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In Kyiv, you will see the stunning St. Sophia Cathedral, from the time of the Kievan Rus. When in Georgia, we will take you to the beautiful old capital at Mtskheta, built in the 5th century.

Cooking workshops

In Ukraine, you will learn how to make Ukrainian classics like borscht (beet soup) and vareniki (Ukrainian dumplings). In Georgia, you can try your hand at making khinkali (Georgian dumplings), suluguni (cheese), and churchkhela (a nutty snack).

Explore Wine Traditions

Georgia is now officially recognised as the birthplace of wine. With over 500 grape varieties and unique production methods, Georgia produces all sorts of wines. In Kakheti, we will take you to a wine factory and you will get to try some!

Trip to the mountains of Khevsureti

We will visit Khevsureti in Northern Georgia, on the border with Chechnya (Russian Federation). It is a historically autonomous area with its own power systems. You will visit the region’s village fortresses, where you will spend the night.

Jewish Heritage in Ukraine and Georgia

Jews have played an important role in Ukraine and Georgia and have contributed much to both countries. In Kiev, we will visit the site of the Babiy Yar massacre, and in Tbilisi we will go to the old synagogue. These will be accompanied by lectures.

History and Geopolitics of the area

An understanding of modern Ukraine and Georgia has never been more important, with both countries going through rapid changes in both politics and society. When experiencing these countries, you will learn that they both have very much to offer.

Program details

Tentative schedule

  1. Meet up and orientation in Kiev
  2. Tour of Kiev’s landmarks, including Maidan square, site of the recent revolution
  3. Tour of the Monastery of Caves (Pechersk Lavra) and World War Two museum
  4. Lecture on Jewish History in Ukraine, kosher lunch, travel to Babiy Yar
  5. Travel to Tbilisi, tour of old town, Georgian dinner
  6. Lecture on geopolitical history at Georgian-American University, travel to Mtskheta, then sulphur baths in Tbilisi (optional, but recommended)
  7. Travel to Kakheti, Georgian cooking lessons, winemaking museum
  8. Travel to Khevsureti, meeting with local ethnographers, masterclass in cooking khinkali, woodcarving, and embroidery
  9. Visit to village-fortresses of Shatili, Mutso, and Ardoti
  10. Return to Tbilisi and departure

Program Costs


Program costs include all scheduled events, pre-departure materials, local orientation, double accommodations in hotels or guest houses, round-trip airport transfers, in-country travel while on program, at least two meals per day, all transport costs in and between Ukraine and Georgia, and in-country support. If you need to purchase emergency health insurance for overseas travel, contact us.

Housing And Meals

The program includes lodging in a 3-star hotel or guest house in two-person rooms. If you wish to upgrade to a private room, please notify us beforehand. It may be arranged for an additional fee of $450. At least 2 meals per day are included in the overall program cost
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