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Russian Individual Online Lessons

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An individual programme

If you choose a programme of individual lessons, the course is designed fully around your needs. The scheduling and content of the lessons will be agreed between you and your teacher, depending on your commitments.

You will have intensive, one-to-one sessions, focusing on topics you choose:

  • Work on grammar;
  • Develop your vocabulary;
  • Improve your conversational skills;
  • Explore culture, literature or history;
  • Or some combination of all of these.


We recommend 60 or 90 minute lessons, using a mixture of texts, exercises and free conversation. You will be able to ask questions and work on topics until you really understand them.

Some students choose to take a daily class, with homework set by their teacher each day. Or, if you are working full-time, you can arrange fewer classes per week, scheduled for various time zones.

With an individual course, it is 100% about you and your learning needs.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why should I choose a NovaMova individual lesson rather than a freelance teacher?

Like many freelance teachers, all NovaMova teachers are native speakers, with professional training and teaching experience. The real difference is that we are part of a School, with a shared methodology and regular updating. Oksana Samusenko, NovaMova’s head teacher has a PhD in Linguistics supports and guides the curriculum. We have an extensive library of shared resources and regular improvement activities.

What is the best kind of study programme for me?

Many of our students take a mixture of group and individual lessons, perhaps also supported by ‘peer coaching’ conversation sessions. There are benefits to a combined programme, which can also make the most of your budget. Our managers can help you to devise the best approach for you, taking into account your level, the time commitment you are able to make and other preferences.

Can I mix group classes with individual tuition?

Certainly. Many of our students choose to do this, as it gives them the benefits of group interaction and discussion, with dedicated time to focus on their own areas of weakness in the individual session.

If I take individual lessons, do I also need conversation practice?

We recommend that you take both. Not only does this make the most of your budget, it also gives time to really focus on listening and speaking. In a NovaMova programme, your teacher will liaise with the conversation coach to suggest key grammar points and vocabulary to work on.

What is the methodology for individual lessons?

We use the same methodology as in group classes, with a mix of grammar sessions, exercises and discussion. However, the focus will be adjusted to your particular areas of interest or to cover points you need to work on in more depth. For example, you could choose to pay more attention to a particular aspect - reading, listening, speaking or writing, prepare for a test or interview, find out more about history, culture, literature.

Russian Online by Skype or Zoom

Skype online lessons give you the freedom to have fun and make quick progress with an experienced instructor. You can dig deep into politics, literature, culture or history, or perhaps you would like to explore Russian and Ukrainian cooking. Or maybe you want to improve your reading and writing of Russian, or work on your conversational fluency. Any of these is possible - you can agree the topics with your teacher and get to work. As with other individual courses, these are one-to-one sessions, arranged to your schedule.

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