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We will study idioms for different situations, starting with friendship and the relationships between people. We will learn idioms to talk about work, labor, laziness and what it means to us, as well as about the family and the home. There are lots of rich idioms that describe the Russian character, which can be used to talk about people and their character traits. Finally we will work on idioms that describe emotions and feelings. This is a good course to take if you want to get comfortable with colloquial Russian!


The aim of this course is to acquaint you with the most-used Russian idioms, give you the ability to analyze the meaning of idioms as a whole, and engage your speaking skills, which will allow you to use idiomatic phrases correctly in various conversational situations.

By taking this course on phraseology, you will expand your knowledge of the idiomatic component of the language and learn about the different types of idiomatic expressions that exist. Using idioms will help you understand what makes Russian unique, enrich your vocabulary, and teach you to express your thoughts figuratively, precisely, and colorfully. Idioms are not confined to literature, and you will soon be using them in everyday speech.


Lesson 1. Friendship

As a result of studying the idioms in this topic, you will learn about relationships between people who prize friendship, and about devotion, honesty, and helping and trusting each other. In the practical portion, you will have the opportunity to match idioms with their meaning, find pairs that are synonyms, and replace collocations with idioms.

Lesson 2. Work and labor

The expressiveness of many Russian sayings is connected with daily life and work. In this topic, we examine idioms about hard, heavy, and useless labor, laziness, and our relationship with work.

In the practical exercises, you will grasp the meaning of the idioms, choose from a list of words that make up the idioms, and replace the suggested collocations with idioms based on the context.

Lesson 3. Family and the home

Studying the idioms in this topic will reveal the important place that family and the home occupy for most. Find out about daily life and hospitality in Russia. As you complete the exercises, you will identify idioms in expressions, find mistakes in their definitions, and create sentences with the idioms.

Lesson 4. Character

There are many idioms in Russian about character, and through the presented idioms, you will find out about the important character traits of a person.

In the practice section, unlock the meaning of the idioms as you choose antonyms (opposites) for them and fill in the missing words in the proper form.

Lesson 5. Emotions and feelings

There is an entire category of commonly-used idioms to express feelings and emotions. Thanks to these expressions, you will learn the words that are used to represent various feelings. In this topic you will make sense of the meaning by replacing idioms with their synonyms and antonyms and by finding the equivalent idioms in your native language.


Elena Marchenko | Russian teacher

Education: Kuban State University (Krasnodar, Russia), specialty "Philology", 2005

Teaching experience: since 1989

«Teacher of Russian as a foreign language since 2005, including work at the Department of Philological and Natural Disciplines of the Faculty of Working with Foreign Students of NAU; at the Preparatory Faculty at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.»


  • 5 hours of distance learning in Adobe Connect or Zoom in a group with a teacher;
  • 5 hours of distance learning on the platform Canvas - student works individually. After every lesson, complete practical exercises on this learning platform to reinforce your knowledge
  • 1 hour bonus lesson: summarize material, question-answer with teacher in a group;
  • class size is limited to 6;
  • access to all course materials;
  • certificate of completion.


  • Start Dates:
    • 17 May (2 weeks)
    • 07 June (2 weeks)
  • Online group lessons are run three times per week on weekdays during the two-week period.
  • Timing is approximately between 18.00 and 21.30 Kyiv time.
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