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Russian Peer Coaching Online

Improve your skills at conversation
Speaking, listening, understanding. Fluently.
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Focus on communication

Online peer coaching provides a one-to-one opportunity for Russian conversation, to improve your fluency, listening and speaking skills. Our peer coaching staff are skilled at getting you to formulate sentences and make yourself understood. With skills in facilitating Russian speaking, peer coaches correct your grammar and explain points, where necessary, aiming to improve your conversation fluency.

Become confident in speaking Russian

The goal is to build your confidence in using your Russian, so that you are able to make yourself understood and understand a Russian speaker. Sessions are flexible around your interests and schedules. There will be opportunities to talk about a particular topic. For example, you can talk about aspects of life in Ukraine, books you have read and films you have watched. Maybe you have some questions about something that happened in the book or film and want to discuss the context. Or you might simply compare notes with how things are organised in your home country.

Have fun while learning

Online peer coaching sessions are designed to be enjoyable, as well as being educational. In no time at all, you will find yourself more fluent and relaxed at speaking Russian.

Each lesson is from 45 minutes and typically students choose at least one lesson per week.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who are our peer coaches?

They are Russian native speakers of different ages, interests and fields of activity from all over Ukraine.

How do we select peer coaches?

Our Activities Coordinator carefully interviews and trains peer coaches before they start working. They then receive training and the Activities Coordinator joins their first interaction with students.

How do we teach peer coaches?

We use manuals designed by NovaMova, specifically for peer coaching lessons. These are based on CeLTA (Center for Language Teaching Advancement) manual «Conversation Partners for Second Language Proficiency» (2013), building also on our experience and EAQUALS recommendations. Our Activities Coordinator and Director of Studies conduct workshops for peer coaches and continually manage their work.

Why should you combine group or individual Russian lessons with peer coaching?

A tight connection between professionally taught classes and conversation lessons will allow you to retain the information you learned, through practice with native speakers in an informal way.

How do we provide a connection between classes and peer coaching?

We have a three-step system:

  1. A teacher makes a plan for a week, which includes topics and vocabulary being learned during classes, and passes it to the Activities Coordinator.
  2. The Activities Coordinator provides a peer coach with this plan adding useful comments and advises how to practise a particular topic in the most efficient way.
  3. The peer coach follows the plan, listening also to the student's educational preferences. Using our method, this is all done while having an informal chat, helping with aspects that need to be worked on the most.

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