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Russian Grammar Review course (Elementary level A1)

Level A1 is the foundation for further studies of any language. This level is especially important for Russian and is full of difficulties, like perfective and imperfective verbs, pronouns, and of course cases. But with clear explanations and extensive practice, you’ll make short work of grammar at level A1.

This course is intended for Russian language learners who have reached the elementary A1 level and would like to review the most challenging language skills at this level.


The goal of this course is to fill in the gaps in your knowledge of Russian grammar. You will:

  • review previously studied Russian grammar topics;
  • clear up difficult Russian grammar and correct mistakes;
  • create a strong grammar foundation for further study of the language;
  • activate and learn new grammatical structures used in speech;
  • analyze, train, and solidify the grammatical structures of a given level that cause the most difficulty.


Lesson 1. Prepositional case. Accusative case. Genitive case

These are the first cases that students study, and they form a key part of your foundation. You use them to say where things are located (you, the bus stop, hotel, etc), where you and other people are going, and where you and others are (coming) from.

Lesson 2. Dative case. Instrumental case

We continue reviewing the cases in the second lesson. Mastering the dative case equips you to discuss feelings, giving and receiving things, and more. And with a good command of instrumental, you'll be able to say who or what you're with.

Lesson 3. Pronouns

Pronouns in Russian frequently cause trouble for students. In this third lesson, we cover when you should use which pronouns, and how the pronouns decline. But that’s only the beginning - don’t skip this lesson!

Lesson 4. Expressions of time

Learn to set up meetings and appointments with confidence in our lesson on time expressions. You’ll review and practice the components of sentences like «встретимся утром, в понедельник, на следующей неделе» (we'll meet in the morning, on Monday, next week).

Lesson 5. Verbs of motion. Perfective and imperfective verbs

Perfective and imperfective verbs particularly vex students, but if you master the rules for their use at level A1, you’ll have a solid foundation to build on.


Melnik Oksana | Russian teacher

Education: Kyiv Linguistic University

«I graduated from Kyiv Linguistic University and majored in English Philology.

Have 10 years experience as a private teacher of English and Russian as a foreign language.

From 2019, I have been working as a teacher at the language school NovaMova»


  • 5 x 60 min. online group lessons with a teacher on Zoom/Adobe Connect;
  • 5 hours of distance learning on the platform "Canvas" - student works individually. After every lesson, complete practical exercises on this learning platform to reinforce your knowledge;
  • 1 hour bonus lesson: summarize material, question-answer with teacher in a group;
  • class size is limited to 6;
  • access to all course materials;
  • certificate of completion.


  • Start Dates:
    • 17 May (2 weeks)
    • 07 June (2 weeks)
  • Online group lessons are run three times per week on weekdays during the two-week period.
  • Timing is approximately between 18.00 and 21.30 Kyiv time.
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