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World War II Museum Tour

The purpose of this tour is to present you with visual and comprehensive information about the events of the Second World War as it played out in the former Soviet Union, particularly Ukraine, and also about the war in Afghanistan between 1979 and 1989.

Unfortunately, during World War II Ukraine was fully occupied and suffered irretrievable human losses among its civilian population (more than 8 million people).  Thousands of industrial plants and historical sites were destroyed, and in Kyiv alone 80% of buildings were damaged. Great effort was required to restore the city and transform it into one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

The Great Patriotic War (that is how World War II is called in the former Soviet Union) memorial complex occupies an area of over 10 hectares and was opened in the early 1980s.

Mother Motherland Monument

Motherland Monument Kiev“Mother Motherland” is a 62-meter-high monumental statue of a woman bearing a shield and a sword in her hands.  This monument is the main structure of the war memorial complex and is the 15th tallest monument in the world.

Weighing nearly 500 tons, the monument was made from stainless steel at a military plant in Dnepropetrovsk and was erected on a 40-meter-high pedestal.

World War II Museum

The museum is located right inside the monument’s pedestal and consists of 14 rooms that depict the events of World War II. New materials are continually added to the exhibit, which displays several hundred thousand authentic relics.

The museum’s well-trained, knowledgeable tour guides will take you on a symbolic tour of the war. 
Passing through the museum’s rooms, you will gain a complete chronological view of the events and battles of World War II.

World War II museum Kyiv KievEach room is devoted to a certain period of the war and contains a great number of documents, including combat reports and administrative documents, and also personal items, weapons, and equipment recovered from battle sites.  The tour ends in the Hall of Fame, where the names of all the heroes of the Soviet Union are carved onto the marble-white walls.

In the opinion of many foreign students who have visted the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, the museum is one of the best of its kind and holistically reconstructs the war as viewed by Soviet and post-Soviet historians. 

Exhibit of Soviet Army armaments

The memorial complex includes an exhibit of Soviet armaments from different periods of Soviet history from the 1930s up to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

World War II museum Kyiv KievMuch of the exhibit is devoted to Soviet war equipment from the World War II era, including the famous victorious Soviet T-34 tanks, an ironclad train, and a combat bomber.  The exhibit also features dismantled ballistic missiles from the Cold War era. All items on display are authentic and are in excellent combat condition. 

Exhibit of Soviet armaments from the Afghan War era

One of the most tragic pages of the last 30 years of the history of the Soviet Union is the Soviet Army’s participation in the war in Afghanistan between 1979 and 1989. During this war enormous losses were born among Soviet soldiers and among Afghan civilians.

World War II museum Kyiv KievThe war in Afghanistan was a great drain on the economy of the Soviet Union and hastened its breakup. 

Soon after the withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan in 1989 the Soviet Union ceased to exist, and the Talibans came to power in Afghanistan.

The exhibit of Soviet armaments from the Afghan war era features Soviet tanks, self-propelled and anti-aircraft units, and also a combat helicopter that performed many combat missions during the war.


World War II museum Kyiv Kiev

World War II museum Kyiv Kiev

World War II museum Kyiv Kiev

World War II museum Kyiv Kiev

World War II museum Kyiv Kiev

World War II museum Kyiv Kiev

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