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US Government Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT5)

We have designed this course specifically for active military personnel, National Guard Linguists, US Army Reserve Soldiers and Foreign Area Officers, who need to take the DLPT5 test. Our experienced teachers have been working with US military organisations since 2007 and have a thorough understanding of the curriculum and test requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the course cover?

The DLPT assesses your general knowledge of Russian as a foreign language. Our comprehensive training includes a range of topics covering everyday life, social, political, economic and other areas of modern life. You will work on all aspects of speech activity (reading, listening, speaking).

Our individual approach features a test preparation program for each request, meaning you can prepare for all parts of the test, or just focus on one or two.


The range of political, military and economic topics include:

  • conflicts and hot spots;
  • the development of armies, weapons and equipment;
  • meetings and negotiations at the highest level;
  • humanitarian aid;
  • refugees;
  • economic forums;
  • economic crises;
  • market conditions;
  • industrial development;
  • environment: global warming and human activities;
  • international environmental summits and agreements;
  • scientific discoveries in all areas (medicine, space, technology).

Grammar & Vocabulary

You will have the opportunity to revise and extend your vocabulary and grammar. We work with you on the correct use of grammar in speech, depending on your individual program. Typically, the grammatical topics include:

  • verbs of motion;
  • reflexive verbs;
  • verbs with prefixes;
  • time expressions;
  • impersonal sentences.

How long will it take me to prepare for the DLPT test?

It depends on various factors, but as a rule of thumb, we recommend you spend 30 hours on each of the course aspects. You may need to do more if you are not yet at the level of language proficiency for the test. We also assume that students are able to work intensively, spending at least 3 hours per week on test preparation, and doing all the homework set by their teacher.

How are the courses designed?

Whether you take online or face-to-face courses, we aim to provide a motivating and supportive atmosphere. Teachers work hard to provide a balance between simple and complex topics, giving time to work on new vocabulary and grammar. We provide plenty of exercises and conversation activities, as well as using topical materials to enliven the work.

Will I have homework to do?

Yes. We know that homework is an important part of learning, providing you with time to assimilate and reflect on what was done in class. The goal is to consolidate and repeat. However, we recognise that not all students have time to complete their homework and teachers can adapt the programme to individual needs.

What materials are used?

Alongside our own textbook, written by teachers of NovaMova school, we use a wide variety of other published texts, worksheets and exercises. Our teachers also select topical and up-to-date audio and video resources, from TV and radio news broadcasts or documentaries, or from YouTube. These are complemented by articles from current newspapers and magazines.

How is the course delivered?

Courses are offered entirely online, using Live Online or other platforms, as required. NovaMova has invested in the latest technology to enable students to access materials, take part in live individual lessons on Zoom and undertake online exercises.

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