Georgian Foodways

Culinary And Culture Program

This interdisciplinary course is designed for any major or discipline.

This interdisciplinary course is designed for any major or discipline.



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Discover Georgian Heritage

Although Georgia is a small country, it has a great diversity in its culinary traditions. Each region has its own specific recipes and dishes. You will explore how several distinct cultures have contributed to the food collectively known as 'Georgian'. We will employ a variety of critical academic approaches to studying how Georgian national identity and history are intrinsically connected to its cuisine. We will investigate how food plays a role in ethnic identity, social justice, and how societal changes and policies impact food security.

Each region of Georgia has its own specific recipes and dishes. As you explore Georgia, we will examine how Georgian national identity and history are connected to its cuisine, and how food plays a role in ethnic identity and social justice.

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Try Georgian Cuisine

The history and identity of Georgian cuisine is crafted in the tastes, smells, and composition of its dishes. You will learn how to prepare Georgian meals, which were influenced by Middle Eastern and European culinary traditions. This mix makes Georgian food unique! As we cook and eat our meals, we will learn the history associated with each dish and its ingredients. This program provides the perfect course for your summer study.

Georgian cuisine is a mix of Middle Eastern and European culinary traditions, making it unique and particularly tasty. You will learn the history of Georgian dishes and how to prepare them, which will earn you four university credits!

Tour dates

16-30 June 2020


Program in English


by 01 April 2020

Program highlights

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Visit UNESCO Heritage Sites

During your trip to Georgia, we will take you to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. First, you will see the 5th century capital of Georgia at Mtskheta. Then, we will travel west to the medieval Gelati Monastery, built by Georgian King David the Builder. Finally, we will go to mountainous Svaneti.

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Learn to Cook Georgian Dishes

You will learn how to prepare dishes from different parts of Georgia. Khachapuri (Georgian cheese-bread) and Khinkali (dumplings) are the preferred options for most Georgians, and they come in a variety of styles! You will even learn how to make churchkhela, popularly known as ‘Georgian snickers’.

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Delve Into Georgian Wine Traditions

Studies have found winemaking in Georgia dating back 6000 years, making it the home of wine! Indeed, wine occupies a very important place in Georgian culture, and when you try it you will understand why! For the bravest among you, there is the option to try Georgian chacha (similar to grappa).

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Hike in Europe's Highest Mountains

Experience the tallest mountains in Europe when we visit Svaneti. This part of Georgia is known for its breathtaking beauty and its history of warring clans. The mountains and ancient settlements, including the highest inhabited village in Europe, Ushguli, will stay with you forever.

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Explore the Georgian Riviera

Georgia has recently developed its seaside areas into beguiling resorts. Batumi offers warm Black Sea beaches during the day, hot clubs at night. Batumi and Ajara are historically significant as the region through which St. Nino brought Christianity to Georgia. Many Georgian Muslims also call it home.

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Learn About Georgian Identity

Georgia, located on crossroads of the ancient Silk Road, has a rich history and culture, a unique language with a beautiful alphabet, and some of the best food and drink you will ever have. It is Georgia’s uniqueness which make it, as CNN dubs, ‘one of Europe’s hottest new destinations’.

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Program details

  • Day 1 - Arrival and walk around Tbilisi
  • Day 2 - Visit to Mtskheta, khinkali masterclass
  • Day 3 - Lectures, museum, and old baths
  • Day 4 - Lecture, Ethnography museum, cooking masterclass
  • Day 5 - Traditional cuisine, visit to market
  • Day 6 - Lectures on traditional cuisine, transit to Kakheti
  • Day 7 - Winemaking lecture, churchkhela masterclass, transit to Kutaisi
  • Day 8 - Visit to Borjomi, Khoni, and Kutaisi
  • Day 9 - Western cuisine, Gelati Monastery and Bagrati Cathedral, transit to Svaneti
  • Day 10 - Ethnography museum in Svaneti, cooking masterclass
  • Day 11 - Hike in Svaneti mountains, food foraging, picnic supper, transit to Batumi
  • Day 12 - Lecture on Batumi; Tourism, industry, and food, cooking masterclass
  • Day 13 - Visit to Gonio fortress, lecture on Ottoman influences, Transit to Tbliisi
  • Day 14 - Farewell lunch, Depart Tbilisi
Through our partner, SRAS, students may apply for a $500 ACCESS GRANT. Grant participants will be expected to contribute weekly write-ups of specific experiences and one program summary. SRAS encourages the inclusion of media like photographs and short films. Write-ups will be one page and can include synopsis of lectures or excursions. The summary review will cover generally what the scholarship participant experienced and learned.
The travel seminar includes elaborate and delicious meals to introduce you to the diverse, rich, and delicious traditions of Georgian foodways. Students will be accommodated in guest houses while on this program. All least two meals per day will be included. This program is hosted by The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) and NovaMova staff in Georgia. We have years of experience conducting academic trips in this area.

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