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    Ideally, second-language learning methodology aims at helping you retain knowledge and put it to practice. A well-considered learning plan will help you achieve your ambitious goals far more effectively when enhanced by guided real-life conversational practice.

    In NovaMova we bring together two important parts of the learning process: teacher-lead instruction and peer-lead conversational practice (or peer-coaching).

    NovaMova class time content logically connects you with the peer-lead conversational practice sessions to move you quickly along the learning curve. There is no better reward than to see how your capabilities grow day by day, using Russian language to accomplish simple tasks, resolve daily issues and get your message across in discussions. Such conversational practice is immensely important for developing the learner's confidence and desire to speak in the target language. It motivates the student to grow and quickly progress to higher levels of proficiency.

    To complement the conversational practice our methodology team have organized a number of speech developing events such as Speaking Club, Cinema Club, Cooking Club, and a variety of teacher-guided City Tours focusing on historic and cultural background of Kiev. To reach the next level in confidence and language facility, students are invited to attend social events, sporting events, and outdoor activities.

    Key Principles

    The process of implementation of the methodological vision is based on a few important principles that pervade our approach to education, among them:

  • Structured and well delivered Russian learning material involving speaking, listening and comprehension elements.
  • Inclusion of mission-specific language. Specific courses based on your professional or academic needs.
  • Emphasis on self-expression, especially the ability to communicate your position on matters that matter to you.
  • Emphasis on communication in social situations. How to communicate effectively with different people.
  • Speaking at speaking-clubs, Russian language-centered cultural activities.
  • Awareness of history, culture, and present-day analysis of current events.
  • Hospitality and linguistic value of the family stay.
  • Sophisticated and intentional use of media technology to enhance language-learning.

Classroom Instruction

Successful learning comes as a result of concerted effort of Methodology, Teacher and Student working together towards the common predetermined goal. We learn better when we feel good. It is important to foster a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom. The teacher steers the learning in the spirit of camaraderie and encouragement, giving extra attention to help the student understand the material better. The teacher makes a note on specific gaps in learning, and communicates his feedback to the peer-coach and the problematic areas, that are then repeatedly targeted during conversational practice.

Conversational Practice

Conversational practice or peer-coaching is an exercise aimed to move your new knowledge from short-term to long-term memory. The student receives extra the opportunity to work on the most difficult aspects of speech learned in the classroom.

Your newly-acquired knowledge becomes alive and truly useful. Under the guidance of an experienced peer-coach, the student will practice his or her speaking and comprehension skill out in the city mixing with people and participating in social communication. Whether you are talking to a shop assistant in a shoe store or visiting a café trying to watch people and describe their appearance, we’ll help make your speech accurate and significant.


At the end of the course, we issue a Certificate of Completion and present it to each successful student. The Certificate has the name of the course, the dates the course was taken, the level, the number of academic hours and the student’s name. The Certificate is issued in the language of your choice. We conduct a memorable Certification ceremony.


NovaMova School in Kiev is an accredited member of several international organizations that guarantee that NovaMova complies with the high international standards designed specifically for language learning purposes.


Since its foundation in 1991, EAQUALS has become the foremost association of providers of language services in more than 30 different countries. EAQUALS grants its quality label to schools and institutions that fulfill its high inspection standards. Only institutions that fully comply with EAQUALS standards can be accredited and therefore have the right to display the 'Accredited Member' logo. We are proud to be able to display this logo*.

* Accreditation is valid for Kiev only


CSN is the Swedish National Board of Student Aid, a state authority which grants students with Swedish citizenship loans and funds in order to study abroad. Each institution must fulfill several stringent criteria in order to be considered as a school that could be funded by CSN. Our school has been recognised by CSN as an institution that consistently delivers high-quality, affordable education.


Bildungsurlaub is a German state program allowing those who have been employed full-time for six months to apply for five days of paid leave to receive advanced professional training. We are proud to be eligible.

As of today NovaMova courses have been recognized in the following lands:

  • Berlin
  • Brandenburg
  • Bremen
  • Hamburg
  • Hessen
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Niedersachsen
  • Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Sachsen-Anhalt
  • Schleswig-Holstein.
  • More details on Bildungsurlaub are available here

    The different federal states have different requirements regarding the number of the lessons included to the program:

  • Berlin: 6 lessons x 45 minutes per day
  • Brandenburg: 6 lessons x 45 minutes per day
  • Hamburg: 6 lessons x 45 minutes per day
  • Hessen: 6 lessons x 60 minutes per day
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 8 lessons x 45 minutes per day
  • Niedersachsen: 8 lessons x 45 minutes per day
  • Rheinland-Pfalz: 6 lessons x 45 minutes per day
  • Sachsen-Anhalt: 6 lessons x 45 minutes per day
  • Schleswig-Holstein: 5,5 lessons x 60 minutes per day
  • We offer Individual Course (30 lessons x 45 min per week) and Mixed Course (20 group lessons x 45 min + 10 individual lessons x 45 min per week) for A1-B2 levels. The detailed syllabi are developed for each program we offer and they are available in both Russian and German. The syllabi can be tailored upon students’ request for individual lessons. Syllabi for group lessons are fixed.

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