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About Methodology

Ideally, second-language learning methodology aims at helping you retain knowledge and put it to practice. A well-considered learning plan will help you achieve your ambitious goals far more effectively when enhanced by guided real-life conversational practice.

In NovaMova we bring together two important parts of the learning process: teacher-lead instruction and peer-lead conversational practice (or peer-coaching).

NovaMova class time content logically connects you with the peer-lead conversational practice sessions to move you quickly along the learning curve. There is no better reward than to see how your capabilities grow day by day, using Russian language to accomplish simple tasks, resolve daily issues and get your message across in discussions. Such conversational practice is immensely important for developing the learner's confidence and desire to speak in the target language. It motivates the student to grow and quickly progress to higher levels of proficiency.

To complement the conversational practice our methodology team have organized a number of speech developing events such as Speaking Club, Cinema Club, Cooking Club, and a variety of teacher-guided City Tours focusing on historic and cultural background of Kiev. To reach the next level in confidence and language facility, students are invited to attend social events, sporting events, and outdoor activities.



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